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We have a wonderful selection of harpsichord books for you. Several of the books have historical significance, others are simply a good read.

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B-001: Three Centuries of Harpsichord Making,
By Frank Hubbard
Published by Harvard University Press, 1965,
373 pp; 79 illustrations.
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This is a classic by one of the pioneers in the revival of early keyboards in the 20th century. "The effect of this book...has been to clear away many of the preconceptions and erroneous notions with which the aesthetic of the modern harpsichord has been burdened. It immensely clarifies the performer's ideas of the manner in which harpsichord composers used the instruments available to them, and it makes possible for the harpsichord builder a total and in many cases highly desirable re-examination of his craft. It is unlikely that a book will soon appear that will have such far-reaching influence in the harpsichord world." -- Ralph Kirkpatrick, 1965.

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B-002:The Historical Harpsichord, Volume I
Edited by Howard Schott
Published by Pendragon Press, 1983
115pp, illustrations
$59.50 postpaid in US.

Vol. I. Contains "Reconstructing the Harpsichord," by Frank Hubbard and "The Surviving Instruments of the Blanchet Workshop" by William Dowd.

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B-003:The Historical Harpsichord, Volume II
Edited by Howard Schott
Published by Pendragon Press, 1989
143pp; illustrations
Currently on backorder. The publisher has not yet scheduled a reprint..

Vol. II. "The Metallurgy of 17th and 18th Century Harpsichord Wire."

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B-004: The Historical Harpsichord, Volume III
Edited by Howard Schott
Published by Pendragon Press, 1989
$52.50 postpaid in US.

Vol. III. "Identification and Authentication of Italian Stringed Keyboard Instruments," by Denzil Wraight; and "Cristofori as a Harpsichord Maker," by Herbert Henkel.

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The Historical Harpsichord series, edited by Howard Schott, is a continuing process in memory of Frank Hubbard.

Highly recommended for harpsichord owners, builders and tuners is:

B-005: Harpsichord Regulating and Repairing
by Frank Hubbard, edited & revised by Hendrik Broekman
43pp, fully illustrated
$12.00 postpaid in US

Harpsichord Regulating and Repairing first appeared in 1963, offering aid to owners and maintainers of real harpsichords of various makes and styles in a world that otherwise offered little reliable help.   From his own experience, Frank Hubbard described in clear prose what might go wrong and how to fix it.   For its current revision, new material was added to bring the book up to date for new instruments while preserving its value for the older instruments one might occasionally encounter.

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B-006: Keyboard Musical Instruments
in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
by John Koster
408pp fully illustrated
Published by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
$92.00 postpaid in US

This is an extremely beautiful book with marvelous illustrations and very informative text. A treasure to own and to give someone special.  12/06 - Please note: While we have a few books left, we are no longer able to restock this volume. 

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B-007: The Equal-Beating Temperaments
by Owen Jorgensen
$21.00 postpaid in U.S.

A handbook for tuning harpsichords and fortepianos, with tuning techniques and tables of fifteen historical temperaments. While one can purchase electronic tuning aids that provide most of the useful temperaments in this book, one does, by learning to set them by ear, open up a vast field of possibilities.  Good harpsichords simply sound best when tuned in a favorable temperament and equal temperament ain't it.

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