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These recordings have been made over the span of a few decades as circumstances have allowed.   As recording technology has advanced so have the quality of the captures represented here.   The sound of these recordings is very good, but I will be the first to admit that it is not optimal - that was not my purpose.   These recordings document instruments I have made that have delighted me particularly.   Some recordings are long, some short but each is designed to show off its subject's capabilities (see technical note, below).   Until the advent of the recordable CD, there was no convenient way of disseminating all the information they contain.   But now...  


Price each, $10.00 Postpaid in U.S.,   3 for $20 Postpaid in U.S.


Upon application, we will be happy to credit the cost of any relevant CD ($10) toward any subsequent purchase of a kit or finished instrument.   In other words, please don't trust us to remember – our records aren't that good!



CDD-101     Two Flemish single-manual harpsichords petit ravalement:

After A. Ruckers, Antwerp,1640 as adapted to an 18 th c. range in England (?)

After H. Moermans, Antwerp, 1588 as might have been adapted to an 18 th c. range in France (also available as a kit).   

Program: music of Anon, O. Gibbons, J.K.F. Fischer, L. Couperin, H. Purcell, J.S. Bach.

Digital 2001 (33' 20)   For 1640 A. Ruckers, see also CDD-109


CDD-102   English Bentside Spinet after Baker Harris, London, 1765 (also available as a kit):

Program: music of H. Purcell, G.P. Telemann and J.S. Bach.

Digital 2001 (10' 40)


CDD-103    Italian harpsichord after Anon, ca 1600.

Program: music of B. Storace, J.K. Kerll, J.S. Bach.

Digital 2001 (20' 35)


CDD-104a     Two Flemish Mother and Child Virginals (Muselar and Spinet) after the instruments and practices of the Ruckers family (also available as kits).

Program: music of A. Cabezon, P. Philips, J. Dowland, O. Gibbons, H. Scheidemann, D. Buxtehude, H. Purcell, J.S. Bach.

Analog 1980 (31' 50) See also CDD-108



CDD-105     Large German double-manual harpsichord after the instruments and practices of Hieronymous Albrecht Hass, Hamburg, ca. 1740:

Program: music of G.P. Telemann, C. Graupner, J.S. Bach, W.F. Bach.   

Digital 2002 (70' 20)



CDD-106     Two kit-built French double-manual harpsichords after the instruments and practices of Pascal Taskin, ca. 1770 (also available as a kit).

Program: music of L. Couperin, J.C. de Chambonnieres, J. Pachelbel, J.K.F. Fischer, J.S. Bach, J. Duphly.  

Digital 2003, 2004 (66' 16)



CDD-107a    Flemish double-manual harpsichord after J.D.D. Dulcken, Antwerp, ca. 1750:

Program: music of Buxtehude, J.S. Bach.

Analog 1983 (12' 06)



CDD-108     Flemish 17 th c. virginal (muselar) after the instruments and practices of the Ruckers family (also available as a kit).

 Program: music of Anon, H. Scheidemann, J. Pachelbel.  

Digital, 2003 (21' 07) See also CDD-104a



CDD-109     Flemish 17 th c. single-manual harpsichord after A. Ruckers, Antwerp, 1640 (restored to original 45-note range & disposition).

Program: music of Anon, G. Farnaby, J. Dowland, E. Johnson, J. P. Sweelinck, G. Steenwick, H. Scheidemann, M. Schildt, D. Buxtehude, J. Pachelbel. 

Digital, 2004 (45' 39)  See also CDD-101



CDD-110     French 17 th c. double-manual harpsichord after M. Richard, Paris, 1688.

(This is a grab-bag of different instruments in different venues and does not belong to the larger project.   The recording setups are not necessarily coherent within the selections or with the rest of the demonstration CD-Rs)

 Program: music of J.C. de Chambonnieres, (direct comparison of 3 instruments, stable setup, analog recording, 1975) E. Jacquet de la Guerre (professionally engineered and produced session in a room and on equipment I can only dream about, two microphone placements, digital recording, 1998)  




CDD-111     French 17 th c. double-manual harpsichord after several original examples by Frank Hubbard.    This instrument was built as a shop group endeavor after his death as an hommage.

 Projected program to include music of L. Couperin, E. Jacquet de la Guerre, L. Marchand, F. Couperin.   

In preparation



CDD-112     German 18 th c. double-manual harpsichord after the instruments and practices of Hieronymous Albrecht Hass, ca. 1730.   (This instrument has been much better recorded on the series of Graupner discs performed by Genevieve Soly.   This recording is simply intended to provide a point of reference between that series and our own.)    

In preparation









Technical Note: Over the span of this project, I have endeavored to keep the microphone placement relatively stable so that one may more easily discern the essential differences between types even though recorded at different times, in different rooms and with different equipment.   For those who are interested, the microphones' vantage point has been approximately six feet (2 meters) from the middle of the 8' bridge and high enough to have a direct view of the back of the 8' bridge.  

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