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Italian single harpsichordWe have a full line of parts, supplies and tools for building, repairing and maintaining our own and other makers' instruments.

A partial list includes:

  • arcades and decorative keyfronts,
  • cloth and felt
  • carrying covers
  • decorative papers
  • gold leaf and supplies
  • hinges
  • jacks and jack guides
  • keyboard supplies
  • leather
  • legs and turnings
  • mouldings
  • music desks
  • pins
  • punchings
  • roses
  • stands
  • tools
  • tuning hammers
  • wire
  • a smattering of etc.


The latest version of our parts catalogue is now available as a downloadable file (.pdf)

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Write, call, or send e-mail and tell us what you need.  Our parts catalogue is ideal for serious builders and restorers. If you wish to receive a print version ($4.50 postpaid in US & Canada, $5.50 elsewhere), please contact us to arrange its delivery.

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