Instruments for Sale

We currently have some  instruments in our showroom that may be of interest to you.

If you are interested in a custom instrument, please read our important note.

New Feature...
You can now hear music samples from some of our sale instruments! Instruments with music samples are noted in the list...

English Bentside Spinet

  • John Nargesian, Op. Posth., Finished at the Hubbard shop in 1999

  • Sold: 18th century French double-manual harpsichord after Henri Hemsch, Frank Hubbard, Boston, 1977

  • Sold: 18th c. English bentside spinet by Cesar Guidini, Boston, 2009 after Baker Harris, 1763

  • Sold: 18th century French double-manual harpsichord after Taskin from a Hubbard kit

  • Coming Soon: Hubbard & Broekman Large German double; Frank Hubbard Mother & Child Flemish virginals (Muselar);Baldwin Electronic Harpsichord; Cannon Guild Single

For more information, or to purchase one of these instruments, please contact Hubbard Harpsichords.

Important Note...
There is a wait for our custom instruments of approximately one year or more. This is due not only to the demand but to the painstaking nature of the work that goes into hand-creating each and every Hubbard & Broekman harpsichord. If you are not able to wait that long, you may wish to consider some of these older instruments most of which have had only one owner.

In offering the instruments listed on this page, we are acting as agents for the current owners who retain ultimate discretion for accepting or rejecting offers. In return for displaying the instruments on our website, we receive a commission from the sale. Every instrument offered here is on-site in our shop.

We try, whenever possible, to offer only instruments that are wholly sound, free from gross structural or cosmetic defects and in top working order. We depend on the owners of these instruments to provide the funds to make them so. However, in some cases this is not possible. In such instances, the instruments are either offered "as is" or have the estimated cost of repairs factored into the offering price.

If we have worked on the instrument we warrant our work. If we have not, we will say so. The owners understand that we cannot hide, gloss over or misrepresent defects. If we are aware of any problems we will inform prospective buyers of such. In such "as is" cases we are, of course, available and willing to remedy any such defects subsequent to purchase.


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