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Wonderful news!  We have expanded our collection of sound samples and we think we've found a better way to let you hear our instruments' sounds.  In each case, we now offer you a choice of a long or short file.  If you have a fast connection (cable, DSL, T1), download the long file.  We have chosen pieces that are no longer than a minute and encoded them as 192 kbps MP3 files (file size ~1.3Mb).  If you don't mind waiting a minute or two, they can be successfully transferred and played over a 56k dial-up connection.  If you do have a slower connection, we also provide short files (average length 16 seconds) encoded at the same rate (file size ~400Kb).  These are generally the opening section of the longer file.  No matter which file size you choose to listen to, the fidelity will still be the same.  The short files just contain a lot less to download.

Several of our consignment instruments have sound samples (in the same format) as well, but they are not listed here. We also have added a new collection of longer files.

Please note: unless otherwise stated, all the sound samples on this site have been recorded digitally. Despite their source, they have all been rendered into MP3 files with a data rate of 192kbps.

While computer sound systems can be very good, to hear these recordings to their best effect we suggest the use of good-quality headphones.

If you have any comments or suggestions concerning our samples or their presentation please feel free to contact us at 



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